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Color Profile:

Highlight D his color code is Aa EE Zz. This means that Highlight D will never produce chestnuts. All foals will be black or bay with a 50% chance of silverdapple dilution.

Please download the genetic report here

Welcome to Highlight D's webpage! Highlight D is a stunning Approved AES Stallion known for his striking silver dapple coat and exceptional character and sports results. He is also WFFS negative and available for breeding.

At Highlight D's core is his impressive pedigree, which includes some of the most renowned names in the equestrian world. His sire, Glocks Voice, is a successful Grand Prix Dressage stallion who has sired numerous top-level offspring. Highlight D's dam, Tirza, is a mare with an outstanding temperament and movement and successful offspring.

But Highlight D is more than just his impressive bloodlines. He is a true athlete, having excelled in dressage competitions both nationally as internationally. He has competed successfully up to Small Tour level in dressage, demonstrating his impressive movement and trainability. 

But it's not just Highlight D's sports achievements that make him special. He has an exceptional character, known for his gentle and willing nature. He is a true pleasure to work with and a joy to be around, making him an ideal choice for riders and breeders looking for a horse with both talent and temperament.

In addition, Highlight D is WFFS negative, which means he does not carry the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome gene. This is an important consideration for breeders, as it ensures that any foals sired by Highlight D will not be affected by this genetic disorder.

If you are interested in breeding with Highlight D, he is available for stud services. With his impressive pedigree, athletic ability, exceptional temperament, and WFFS negative status, he is an excellent choice for breeders looking to produce top-quality offspring.

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Highlight D's Bloodline

Highlight D Silver dapple color came from his mother Tirza that had the same color. Some offspring of Tirza are also registered silver dapple.

Elvita D, a full sister of Highlight also grew up at the stables of Judith Huizinga and she trained this horse to Z2 dressage and was D-OC for the KWPN.

One of Elvita D her sons, Kenzie D,  became champion of the 3 year old young horses under Franka Loos.


Highlight D was bred by family van Driel (Loosbroek) and was named after the breeder (Haske) Jan van Driel.

He was his apple of the eye.

Born with a white tail and manes


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